Google Staff Connect: all of today’s announcements

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The beginning updates

Google has announced that, because of COVID-19, the dates shown today for its ads may vary in the future.

18:02 Phil Harrison remembers the availability of two free months for Staff Pro.

18:03 this fall will come on the Ruler Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderfollow FIFA and Madden, in agreement with Electronic Arts.

At 18:05 confirmed the arrival of Octopath Travelerthe recent masterpiece of Square Enix, which is now also on Google Staff.

At 18:06 also Rock of Ages 3, which we have tested recently for you, is coming in June on the Ruler.

At 18:07 coming soon on the Staff, an extra mission you want to purchase Zombie Army: Dead War 4, entitled Blood Count. The game will debut on may 1.

At 18:08come to the first in Stadia Crayta, a video game where you can have fun with your friends to build universes for players to explore and live, with the mechanical among the most varied – similar to Dreams.

18:09 Wave Breakgame sequel to the arcade of the boats having fun in rides improbable, and as peculiar characters, will arrive this summer first on the Ruler.

At 18:12: in Embr you will be engaged in the role of a firefighter to save people who will need your aid. Provided that we succeed. With a cartoon style, and the deformed, the game will arrive on May 21, on Steam published by Curve Digital.

18:13 Get Packedvideo game in which you have to have fun to organize the removals (which refers to the recent Moving Out) is available from today (on the Ruler), also with the online multiplayer and the co-op.

18:14 also confirmed is the arrival of PUBGavailable from today on the Ruler. The game will support cross-play, so you can interact with other users on the console.

At 18:16 there will be another Connect the next summer, where will get the other video games. Today’s meeting is finished.

The end of the updates

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