Hearthstone – Ashes of outland: a volcano news – Review

Continuing on the wave of renewal which began with the year of the Dragon, Blizzard has decided to give an electric shock to his game of cards, offering some of the most significant and interesting from the debut on the market of the title, which dates back, now, over six years ago.
Almost a month after the publication of The ashes of outlandafter seeing the sediment also the metagame, we are ready to give our final judgment on the first expansion of 2020, which promises to definitely roaring for Hearthstone.

A Stormrage is down on Hearthstone

Stir the water once in a while, especially six years on from the debut on the market, it is what enables a product like Hearthstone to stay alive, to continue to attract new players and, an element not to be overlooked, not to lose those gained over the years.

From this point of view, this Year of the Phoenix opens with a bang: the introduction of a new Hero playable, the tenth, represents one of the most significant among those introduced over the years by a Blizzard in his card game, and there was a lot of curiosity among the public to see how the guys in the Team 5 would have grafted a new feature of this flow is now very consolidated.

Evil, there would be answer, at least according to the first two weeks of play: Illidan Stormrage, a magician, a traitor and disloyal, that fans of World of Warcraft know well, proved to be a class completely unbalanced compared to the other, so as to force the development team to the corrective patch faster of the history of Hearthstonearrived at the sun twenty-four hours from the debut of the new expansion.

Hearthstone – the Ashes of outland: a volcano news – Review

Nevertheless, this patch failed to improve the situation much, making necessary a second full nerf for the new class, came from there to about ten days, request in a loud voice in the community after the bunches theme Illidan (however, all the same) lived and dilaniavano the goal, without which you could remedy.
A couple of questions arise spontaneous: those in charge of the whole beta testing phase of the product before it is placed on the market?

Certainly, with the hundreds of cards on the dance floor (which become thousands in mode Wild) calculate all the combinations and synergies is a massive undertaking (not to say impossible), but certainly the impression that return two patch corrective in less than two weeks is that of a team using the players as testers.
Secondly, the experience with Ciciazampa, which had been so ruinous, has not taught anything to the kids to Anaheim?
To us it is difficult to understand how a team of such proven talent may run into the same error twice in a matter of a few years, and we hope that the situation will improve in the future.

At present, Illidan is still unbalanced in some points of viewbut the accentuation of some of the congenital defects of the class, and the increase in the mana cost of certain cards has (for now), place a brake to the frustration, that has been dominating during the first three weeks of the game with The ashes of outland.
In a recent interview, Team 5 has not, however, excluded all further nerf concerning the new class, which therefore remains under the magnifying glass at the time of writing this piece.

Nevertheless, in the future, the introduction of a tenth class may not be of benefit to the variety and liven up the metagame and the composition of the decks, even if we don’t understand why the team has chosen not to add two more slots to the decks modular, which remain eighteen in total, thus forcing you to delete one or two of those pre-existing to make space for the demon Hunter.

At the end of the equation, then, we can not reward the courage to introduce innovations, but greater care in the testing phase would have been welcomealso because of the large number of patch corrective is making the file really heavy for those who benefit on mobile devices and have problems of space (or RAM).

Hearthstone – the Ashes of outland: a volcano news – Review

Cards sparigliate

Apart from the entrance of llidan, and of his cards, the metagame has benefited of the usual rostering, annual cards, which he shuffled decidedly the metagame in these weeks: Boscotetro, Operation Revelation, and The Challenge of Rastakhan, expansions in the year of the Crow, are slips in the format the wild, leading to the provision of certain archetypes and the birth of other, maybe you already found it previously but little considered by the pro player.

Then comes the ladder decks like the Paladin only comprises cards of a class (which is based on the new Libram) or the Magician deprived of servantsaccompanied by versions enhanced or modified to other types already seen, like the Hunter who takes advantage of the secondary mission or the many variants of the Big Druid and decks with only one copy of the paper, that take advantage of cards very powerful as Zefris the Great or Queen Alexstraza.

Hearthstone – the Ashes of outland: a volcano news – Review

The cards are inhibited and the skill-Repudiation are good additions to the game mechanics, although they reveal less impact of the other views in the recent past and not always to be exploited to the full by decks that are currently dominating the meta.
Note also the presence of at least a servant of the supreme class, that is, cards that, like the rattle of death, put in the deck a more powerful version, with a good number of decks that arose to take advantage of this feature, by duplicating the cards or by placing clones within the clusters.

The range of choices has, however, expanded considerably, despite the loss of cards the classics that have made the history of the card game of Blizzard like Leeroy Jenkins, “retired” in the old glories: writing today, a deck that is adapted to your own tastes is far more easy than in the past, although this does not ensure, of course, that then that deck proves to be actually effective in the scene competitive.

Hearthstone – the Ashes of outland: a volcano news – Review

The impression is that at this moment the meta is split in twodivided between decks aggro, with cards from the average cost of two or three mana, able to win in the best conditions, already in the fifth round (but who, in the end the gasoline very soon), and other extremely slow, which they defend until the sixth or seventh round and then bully the control of the board and lay down the law up to the end of the match.

Missing, between the decks and more in vogue at the moment, the so-called “time”, bundles of good for all seasons, moderately fast (or medium lenses, depending on your point of view): the rest of the Year of the Phoenix, which will consist of two of the expansions, as usual, will tell us if this is a trend, a passenger, or a specific direction that Blizzard has wanted to impress upon his creature.

News, as if it rained

The changes in the structure of Hearthstone are not limited, however, to those already listed here: Blizzard has created a new ladder, and enlarged the system anti-duplication profiles of the Legendary also to the other types of cards inside of the envelopes.

The first is divided now into five different stages, ranging from bronze, the lowest, to the diamond, the better, each consisting of ten rank from climb gradually; once I reach the gold rank, the middle one, it is not possible to retreat in case of defeat multiple, and, differently from the past, has finally decided to give a meaning to the stars, which are awarded on the basis of performance of the previous month.
Now these are converted in a bonus multiplier that makes it extremely fast the climb of the first two leagues (bronze and silver), then stopped, slowly coming to the two later, gold and platinum. This new system encourages the players frequent, that they see rewarded for their efforts with greater rewards and with a position of advantage at the dawn of the new month classified.

With regard to the envelopesinstead, Blizzard has made the system less frustrating, thus avoiding duplicate on the duplicate: the first can be found inside of one of them, two copies of the same card of any rarity, we have to have all the cards of this type for the expansion in question.
In addition to encouraging the players, this system makes you want to buy new envelopes we already have several cards of a given expansion, because it opens the possibility of an envelope lucky.

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