Call of Duty Warzone, a bug halts progress in the Battle Pass

A bug discovered by gamers, it would seem to prevent to make progress in the Battle Pass shared Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone.

The two titles live in the same ecosystem, which has recently exceeded 62 million players.

The Twitter account of the support Activision and Reddit have been flooded by notifications of the problem, and a reader of the English site VGC he informed the staff to ask her to care for them.

Bug related to the progression in the Battle Pass are being reported for several weeks, and Infinity Ward has explained to have also fixed some – without this impediment, however, at the last to appear in the two-shooter.

call of duty warzone lonely

There are no official responses in this phase, but from the support Activision came the indication of a workaround to circumvent the bug, which consists in the cleaning of the cache.

This method, as pointed out by many players, has not produced the expected results and it seems that only the concrete work of the developer, with a patch, obviously, could bring the situation in the ranks.

Warzone it is free but, as you know, the Battle Pass is not: costs 1000 points COD, about 10 euros, and includes 100 degrees of content to unlock through progression.

The two latest games in the universe Call of Duty are experiencing their own Season 3, but who knows that these issues do not push to extend it beyond the limits originally planned.

Source: VGC

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