Project xCloud is available from today in Italy

Microsoft has announced the departure of the invitations for the public preview of Project xCloud in Italy.

The arrival of the streaming service signed Xbox was in the program in our country this week, and on time is starting the roll out of the codes that will allow the entrance to the platform.

Project xCloud will integrate, as confirmed with our microphones, with Xbox Game Pass in the moment in which it will be launched in its final version.

Along with Italy, will have access starting today in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Spain and Sweden, the nations of Western Europe, the entrance of which was scheduled for 2020.

Project xCloud is available from today in Italy

The extension of the preview, we explain from Redmond, “it confirms the commitment of the Xbox to allow a greater number of players around the world access to Microsoft technology and help give life to the future of game streaming”.

These are the basic requirements to be able to participate in the public preview of Project xCloud:

  • A Microsoft Account and a Xbox gamertag. If at the moment you don’t have a Microsoft Account or an Xbox gamertag, you can create one at the following link.
  • An Android smartphone or tablet with Android operating system 6.0 or later with Bluetooth version 4.0.
  • A wireless controller for Xbox One Bluetooth enabled. If you are not sure that your controller, the Xbox One supports Bluetooth, you can refer to this article support.
  • Access to Wi-Fi or mobile data connection that supports a download speed of 10Mbps, similar to video streaming. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection is recommended to 5Ghz.

If you have not already done so, you can subscribe to this preliminary phase of the service through this address.

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