Doom Eternal is the discount of the week on the Playstation Store

New appointment, with the offer of the week on Playstation Store that is, until the next May 14,allows you to buy the latest chapter of the famous saga shooter license plate id Software, Doom Eternal, taking advantage of a discount of 25%.

Here is the list of various versions:

doom eternal

Apparently, Doom Eternal it was highly appreciated by the players, to surpass three million units sold in digital format only in the month of march, triple the amount compared to the previous DOOM (released in 2016), which managed to take home “only” 957mila copies in digital downloads.

In our review of the game we have told you that “in time you will master to perfection all the possibilities offered by the system of the game, you will realize how this result can be technical and not forgive you nothing.”

Sony it has also launched the promotion Hidden Gemsthrough which offers discounts of up to 80% on several titles.

Among these is the popular action horror supernatural Remedy, Control (€ 29.99), but also the time-travelling adventure Arise: A Simple Story or the brilliant action platformer Little Nightmares: Complete Edition. Fans of multiplayer action can also purchase PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition only 4,99 euro.

We recommend you to consult the complete list of video games that are part of this promotion the following address. Remember that the bids will be valid until Thursday may 21.

Source: The Playstation Blog

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