Form – Review PlayStation VR

After having enjoyed a good reception on PC, Form, the puzzle game to work Charm Games, finally arrives on PlayStation 4. This is a puzzle game designed for Playstation VR, which necessarily requires the possession of two Playstation Move to be played. Fortunately, we are equipped with all the requirements required to embark on this strange adventure, which promises to test our cognitive abilities in a setting from the tone of science fiction. Let’s see how fared.

Only in a laboratory at the borders of the globe

Form opens in a mysterious lab located in Alaska, putting ourselves in the shoes of dr. Devin Eli, a physical intent to study a mysterious artifact. These the basic premise for fiction; we do not intend to reveal to you another, also in reason of the short duration of this adventure. We anticipate only that soon you will leave the workshop to catch un adventure that will explore the mind of our unfortunate scientist, bringing in a distorted version of reality.

Surely, Form not lacking creativity in the locations and situations of the game. Unfortunately, however, the duration of the title is too little to develop a plot worthy to be remembered; it is a journey which is enjoyable, but far from memorable.

Form – Review PlayStation VR

From the technical point of view, Form represents a good result for a title from the fairly limited budgetwith environments and objects are well defined, to the extent allowed by the limits of Playstation VR. Surely, however, the strength of the game lies in the level design, which is always creative and never banal, for the entire duration of the game.

Virtual reality gives an added value to these environments, which are the real pride of the title. Another point in favor of Form is definitely the choice of the developers not to move the character. The puzzles will be solved staying still, without moving. This means that Form it is extremely suitable for those with weak stomachs or for those who has just started his adventure with the virtual reality. We have not experienced any kind of discomfort during our test – and for the current state of virtual reality is a factor not taken for granted.

Puzzles mental

As we anticipated, Form is a puzzle game pure and raw. In the course of the game you’ll never have to move: the puzzles will be put in front of you, and your challenge will be to figure out what to do. Virtual reality is used to add a level of complexity to the puzzles that need to be addressed taking into account what we face in its entirety. Basically, the game reduces to a series of puzzles separated by some brief scene of intermezzo. This would not be a great problem if the puzzles were particularly challenging and if the game was sufficiently long-lived to suggest a good selection. Unfortunately, in Form not done any of the two things.

Form – Review PlayStation VR

The puzzles presented are not particularly ingeniousand this is often the situation that the lovers of the puzzle game will have already seen multiple times in the course of their career. Also, the game is terribly short: it is possible to to get to the credits in around an hour, except for the possibility of crash on some enigma (unlikely but not impossible, also depends on your level of experience). As you would expect from a puzzle game, once finished there are no reasons at all to face again, the short story, nor are the contents the secondary focus.

Probably aware of the limits of their product, the developers propose their title at a budget price on the PlayStation Store (currently we talk about 14.99 euros). Unfortunately, it is not enough for us to recommend, for the simple fact that there are better alternatives in the same genre and always on the PlayStation 4. Form it remains, therefore, only suitable for those who had already stripped the other puzzle game designed for PlayStation VR.

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