Microsoft has acquired Techland? The denial of the study of Dying Light

A rumor coming from the publication of the Polish he raised the possibility that Microsoft is getting Techlandthe study of Dying Light.

This is not the first indiscretion according to which Xbox Game Studios would be expanding in Poland, but so far these rumors have not been confirmed.

dying light

According to the source, Techland would have been acquired by Microsoft, and Redmond would be ready to announce the deal in the Inside Xbox tomorrow, may 7.

The same Techland, informed of the rumor, quickly denied the assumption of a sale at a different publisher to the mouth of her senior PR through Twitter.

“In case you where wondering”, he explained Ola Sondej, “Techland has not been acquired by another publisher. We are still an independent studio”.

The same source had reported major problems in the development of Dying Light 2that would be a “total chaos” and would be strongly put in doubt his output for this year.

Source: MSPowerUser

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