Halo Infinite, Double Fine, Obsidian, and Ninja Theory will be at the event Xbox of July

The presentation today of Inside Xbox opened with a brief speech by Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studiosthe organisation of a software house Microsoft-internal.

Booty explained as the safety of the development team involved in the processing of the first experiences with the next-gen Xbox Series X to be the component that is at the heart, in a time in which this work is taking place even in an environment of smart working ill-suited to products of this size.

halo infinite

Then, the director has made some of the team names that we will be able to see involved in the transmission of the Xbox 20/20 that will air in July, and these will include nearly all of the big XGS.

There will be games next-gen Double Fine Productions (Brutal Legend), Obsidian Entertainment (The Outer Worldsand Ninja Theory (Hellblade).

You have not provided details about what to bring as a dowry, but it is legitimate to assume that will be the match also Psychonauts 2, Grounded and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade IIthe latter potentially with a first performance of the gameplay after the reveal last December.

343 Industries will finally have the opportunity to show for the first time in-game Halo Infinitethe next chapter in the saga of Master Chief, scheduled for the end of the year, and more precisely to the day one of the Xbox Series X.

There are many other titles for the new console from Microsoft in the pipeline, as evidenced by the Inside Xbox today, and several of these are going to support the Smart program Delivery.

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