The Sims 4, the expansion “the Life Organic” comes the next month

Electronic Arts and Maxis have a press release that the expansion “Life Ecological” of The Sims 4 come on Windows PC, Mac, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One the next 5 June at the price of 39,99 euro.

The add-on introduces Evergreen Harbour, a new world in which the Sims have a direct influence on the state of the environment with every decision that we make. Here the inhabitants can produce its own electricity and water with solar panels, wind turbines and collectors of dew or grow food at home in a new vertical garden. In addition, Sims can decorate their homes with furniture rebuilt and dressing up from head to toe with dresses made out of recycled materials.

the sims 4 life of the ecological

You will also be able to implement positive changes in their communities through the new Community Voting Board, which presents a series of action plans of the neighbourhood every week to encourage the installation of objects, eco-friendly, support green initiatives, to create a community space where all can grow together with the plants and improve the appearance of their neighborhood. Sims can also embark on new careers as designers in the civil, to inspire others to respect the environment, or embark on a path as a craftsman and freelance to achieve on-demand candles, recycled items and more.

In our review of the original edition we said that “The Sims 4 is a game in the balance. The entertainment value is stellar, and the title has the extraordinary ability to keep players glued to the screen offering to new situations all the time, and creating an empathy with the characters never seen before. On the other hand, the game is empty and expensive, unable to evolve in such a way as to leave us speak of a “new generation”.

Source: Press Release

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