Microsoft admits: we were wrong with the expectations for Inside Xbox

Inside Xbox aired Thursday, has provided a first taste related to what we will see on Xbox Series Xeven if some fans have not taken well to the presentation – to the point of forcing Microsoft to remove it and then republish it, having bombed of I don’t Like on the official channel Xbox.

To arouse controversy was the fact that many had expected more gameplay and, while a fan on Twitter pointed out that the ad spoke of “a first look at gameplay next-gen, the trailer and sneak-peek”, Aaron Greenberg he decided to take action and explain the point of view of Microsoft.

Microsoft admits: we were wrong with the expectations for Inside Xbox

According to the head of marketing for the brand Xbox, in fact, things would have to be managed in a way likely to be different. In a response tweet to the player that highlighted the details of the announcement of Inside Xbox, Greenberg wrote:

If we had not said anything and we passed Inside the Xbox like we did last month, I suspect that the reactions would be different. Clearly, we have given the wrong expectations and this is due to us.

We appreciate all the feedback and we can assure you that we care, that we will learn from them as a team.

These controversies related to communication are the first concrete in which the Xbox Series X is hindered by his revelation: and the earlier, the platform of the house, Microsoft has indeed brought forward in a very transparent and precise, revealing specs and design, and turning now to the library of titles with the summer events.

This is not, however, an isolated case in the theme next-gen: a few weeks ago, there we expressed our concerns about the presentation of PlayStation 5 the work of Mark Cerny, the daughter of a communication plan designed for the GDC in 2020 that is then carried weight in front of the audience consumer, and the results are predictably mixed.

Xbox Series X will arrive at the end of the year on the market. Stay on the pages of Gametrailers found for all further news on the arrival on the next-gen consoles team, Phil Spencer.

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