Nintendo Switch Online will be enhanced further in the future, promises Nintendo

In the course of the meeting with investors for the end of the fiscal year, which highlighted the excellent numbers for his Nintendo Switch, Nintendo he also talked about Nintendo Switch Onlinethe premium service subscription that allows access to the features of online game platform – in addition to some advantages, such as the library of classic games on the NES and SNES, the saving in the cloud or the ability to receive the controller that they excite the nostalgic.

Investors, however, the house of Kyoto, has made it known to have plans clearly in mind, so that, in the future, there are “more features and more mechanical for Nintendo the the Switch Online, in such a way that the experience both more enjoyable and more convenient.”

nintendo switch online

For the time being, there is obviously know what innovations might be introduced, but the fans are undecided on the subscription (or who has already subscribed) can legitimately expect to introduce more feature – maybe, who can say, also for the access without payments to some games magazines outside of the classics, as it happens on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Games With Gold.

Outside the field of the theory, in any case, Nintendo has also made it known that in the current state were created over 100 million Nintendo Accounteven if you are not aware of the numbers relating to the actual subscribers to Switch Online.

The service is available to 3.99 euros for a month, or 7.99 euros for three months and 19,99 euro for a year. Recently, moreover, we have reported the prolonged trial period: you can learn the details here, and access the eShop from your console to put over the hands.

Source: Nintendo | VIA: MyNintendoNews

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