The PlayStation Store is “suspended” in China in mysterious circumstances

PlayStation Store has been temporarily suspended in China, as noted by analyst Daniel Ahmad by Niko Partners on Twitter and re-launched by

The store was suspended, along with what seems to services linked to the PlayStation Network from 7:00 a.m. local time on may 10, and has not yet taken up its sales activities.

In the communication of the PlayStation is not even provided a timetable or a date of resumption indicative of the platform, for which it may take not a little time for his return.

As explained by Ahmad, the official version is that this suspension has been put in place to apply the upgrade related to the security of the PlayStation Store, but things could be much more complicated.

Xbox would be subjected to the PlayStation China, via the social, local Weibo, evidence of use of the backdoor to the shop that would allow the purchase and use of the content not authorized in the country.

The PlayStation Store, as other virtual stores, has for sale only the titles and content approved and published in special editions on the territory, and this would contravene the regulations of the chinese. There, the players have expressed a preference not entirely unpredictable for the PS4.

It would appear that the PlayStation is by verifying these loopholes and ensuring close them, and also to sift through the store – and its products – to the search of “contamination” that would make them illegal in the asian country.

PlayStation Store “suspended” in China in mysterious circumstances

An operation of this kind would clearly require something more than a few hours to be completed, and this should be at the expense of the unfortunate players of the place that they only wanted to enjoy a weekend of relaxation with their PS4.

China is not new to problems of this type, given that the stringent rules imposed on the entertainment push many to seek ways to work around them and make use of unauthorized content.

In the case of Animal Crossing: New Horizonsused to collect the members of the protests in Hong Kong despite not being for sale in an approved edition, it was in this sense quite significant of the desire of global entertainment in a country that is beginning to be tired of these complaints, both of the controls quite the amateur authorities in the field of video games.


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