PS5 “phenomenal” for Epic, the SSD is “far ahead” of the best on the PC

Epic Games and PlayStation have been working closely for the implementation of the first tech demo of the Unreal Engine 5, made run in real time on a dev kit PS5.

Speaking of next-gen with Geoff Keighley, the founder of the house of Fortnite Tim Sweeney has praised the work done by Sony on their next console, and to underline the importance, especially with regard to the use ofSSD.

PS5 “phenomenal” for Epic, the l’SSD “far ahead” of the best on the PC

“The hardware that Sony is launching it’s absolutely phenomenal”, he made his debut for Sweeney, before adding:

“Not only has the amount of graphics power unprecedented, but also an architecture of data storage is completely new that sweeps away the earlier architecture and is much more forward than even what you can buy on PC highest-end, state of the art”.

This storage solution is not the best only at the level of the console, where he has a speed approximately twice that produced under the profile purely numerical on Xbox Series X, “but even the best on any platform”.

“The world of the loading screens is finished”has annotated. “The days of the pop-in, pop-in of geometry as you move forward in the locations of the games, they are finished”.

The fact that the demo performed today was so awesome but it is limited to an average resolution of about 1440p without ray tracing says a lot about the philosophy of PS5, that do not focus on brute power, it seems clear, as on the optimization of its different components.

The release of the PlayStation 5 has been confirmed for the end of 2020, and it looks like the COVID-19 has caused the much-feared side-effects on the lineup of launch of the console.

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