Ghost of Tsushima, is it really a downgrade? A video to compare the gameplay with the demo E3

Ghost of Tsushima is back to be seen with a long gameplay which was dedicated to the last State of the Play in its entirety, but many have come out with more questions than they had previously.

We have already heard of a downgrade or alleged noticed by the community, but beyond impressions, there are changes both in the game itself, both in how this was presented.

These changes were observed by a user on Reddit, who has done a video comparison between the the E3 demo 2018 and the gameplay in 18 minutes showed last week.

As we have anticipated, there seems to be a downgrade explicit but of changes primarily to the way in which the game was performed.

At E3 2018 Sucker Punch has focused on’impact film his next title, svelandolo-free interface, and in certain moments the climate of the gameplay – the fights, for example.

Users in the complex complain the excess elements of the interface in comparison with the video of two years ago, that manifests itself in the health bar that appears on top of enemies or in one of the main character Jin on the bottom left, where there are also yellow balls, which feature has not been made explicit.

ghost of tsushima

Other players have not liked the addition of an effect the “eco” in the moment when Jin breaks the guard of an enemy, as well as the glitter blue that appears on the weapon of an opponent when they are going to perform an attack. We don’t know at this time if there will be the opportunity to opt-out of such service components.

In short, between a presentation and another, the PlayStation-exclusive has increasingly become a game, with all that this might entail at the level of the clues fun for the user and the information on the screen; and this has evidently found a certain resistance on the part of the community.

This is not to say that the title of Sucker Punch, as explained by the same development team, has become less realistic or credible from the point of view of fidelity to the battles between samurai.


Ghost of Tsushima will be out on 17 July for PS4.

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