Ghostrunner, Mirror’s Edge in a world of cyberpunk – Tried

The independent developer Polish One More Levelin collaboration with 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworksis working to the Ghostrunnerthe title, on the wave of renewed interest in the cyberpunk genre also caused due to the future of Cyberpunk 2077 to CD Projekt RED, aims to offer a gameplay that is intriguing and mixing different genres, so as to be called a “hardcore ” first person platformer slasher”.

A world in disarray

Ghostrunner it is set in a post apocalyptic world dominated by high technology. Following a cataclysm, the last survivors live in the tower Dharma, a building high in which the Keymaster, which resides in the top of the same, ruling with an iron fist and little consideration of human life. With the passage of time, the resources started to become scarce, triggering clashes between the poorest of the poor that have led to a chaos that will undermine the sustainability of the human race. In such a situation, is enough to trigger a rebellion with the goal to fix these things before coming to complete extinction.

We recently had the opportunity to test first-person a playable demo of the title, and we will tell you our impressions.


Ninja and Katana, perfect match

The demo version is a short tutorial in a few we will be introduced to the various mechanics of the game. We will be awakened by a mysterious entity, called “The Whisper” the few we will provide all the instructions necessary to find it in a precise place of the tower.

Our character will be a kind of ninja cyber fast, a living weapon able to move with great agility on the walls and who will perform spectacular moves thanks to his reflexes superhuman. Continuing along the path we will discover the various secrets that have been hidden from the common people, and because we have been hunted for the integrated technology under our skin.

We will jump from one wall to the other, slip through the narrow cracks, cling with the grappling hook in order to overcome areas otherwise unreachable with a simple jump, and much more. The title, from this point of view, you may remember the classics like Mirror’s Edge Electronic Artsalso, the use of the first person view.

Of course, there will be enemies determined that they will attempt to destroy us as soon as we will guide. The the level of challenge is immediately very highconsidering that the various opponents will be able to take us out in one fell swoop. You will then need to use the bestability to dodge the bullets in mid-air for the victory, and end their lives with a sharp blow of a Katana is quite bloody.

In fact, the fundamental will be to continue to move without too many uncertainties, and in a hurry! The opponents soldiers will be real snipers and movements choreographed to make will help to create a sort of “dance” that will stimulate you to want to redo several times the same part to be able to do everything perfectly.

Fortunately, it does not fall during a jump or to be killed by an opponent there will even lose precious minutes, saw that the simple pressure of a button will bring us back immediately at the beginning of the room in which we were eliminated, allowing us then to resume the action of the game without downtime.

Also important to carefully study the area in which we find ourselves from time to time. In fact, the road to the exit will not be unique and we will be able to use alternative routes to get to the goal. Different players, then, will approach the same level in a different way, increasing in this way the replay value overall.

The structure, therefore, is very reminiscent of the “runner” game in which so are popular on mobile platforms, and the date the request for the action to be so fast and efficient, but, obviously, with a degree of complexity and skill significantly higher.

Despite the duration of the demo is rather narrow – there is talk of about fifteen to twenty minutes in the first run – is really the gameplay that has bewitched us and led to complete it multiple times in order to optimize our performance until you get to end in less than five minutes.

We believe, therefore, that Ghostrunnerif you will excuse the pun, will really be a fertile ground for the speedrunner – users who are working in the finish the products in the shortest possible time.


Audiovisual show but with some flaws

From the point of view chart, Ghostrunner seems to be really good. The use of the popular graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 has allowed to create the environments are very detailed and “tangible”, rich of reflections and light sources. Also the textures that cover the settings were made with great detail, giving life to a real futuristic world.

The performance in DirectX 11 mode, are pretty good also by setting the various effects such a detail is very high. Given the nature of the game, we suggest you make sure you get at least 60 fps in order not to compromise the gameplay.

However, there is an option to enable, at the moment in experimental mode, the mode DirectX 12, which also allows you to activate the effects of ray tracing on the graphics card family NVIDIA RTX. In the latter case, unfortunately, the benefits go to fall heavily, because of a lack of optimization on this side. For more details, please refer tothe technical analysis made by the guys at Digital Foundrythat have shown various effects as they affect both on performance and on the impact on actual chart.

Also good is the sound componentit can give the right charge, with songs punctuated to perfection, and effects which, even if the mold pretty classic for the genre, they can perform their task more than well.

We have tested the title with the usual paired the mouse and keyboard with the joypad the Xbox One, preferring to be by far the first system control: you see, in fact, from the outset, the greater the complexity of the controller, as well as its lower precision compared to the mouse.

This leaves some doubt as to the enjoyment overall of the work in its console versions, and then hopefully the developers are able to balance the best of each part to allow also to owners of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One to better face the challenges proposed by the game.

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