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The author of the review: yonkers86

I have wonderful memories of my 20 years. The first taste of independence, living alone, the first important relationship, the boredom from excess of freedom. A minefield of emotions, where you really a moment lose the compass and crashing against the wall of reality. Not that there is anything wrong with that, indeed, the company expects that, after every failure, there rialzeremo stronger and more determined than before. Night in the Woods, the first work of Endless Fallspeaks precisely to these expectations, and how difficult it is to accept them and overcome them. Our alter ego virtual is Mae Borowski, who decides to return to his zoomorphic town christmas, the decadent Possum Springsafter abandoning his university studies.

The urban fabric of the city, and consequently also the human one, that manifests itself is different from what he had left some years before. The small community, the working class has been devastated by the closure of the coal mine, and the subsequent recession has forced the lucky ones to reinvent itself (the father of Mae became the butcher), leaving, however, as many on the road. The old school buddies Mae, or our companions, were not of course spared, each struggling with precarious jobs and badly paid. From this small premise already appears clear that the Night in the Woods it is not a title self-indulgent, and as basically the need to question some of the cornerstones of socio-cultural, such as the great american dream. The main issues that are handled by the game, through a dense network of dialogues, including depression and social anxiety, the great crisis of the middle class and the death of rural America.

Night in the Woods it could be described as a game of observation and interaction, where the narrative element is the cornerstone on which rests the entire production. We could define the writing style as a cross between a teen drama the CW is a novel of education, with ancillary strengths and weaknesses. From the very earliest screenshot, it is tangible a latent, but palpable, sense of mystery. Why Mae he decided to leave the college? What happened when he was in high school? Talk with Gregg, Angus and Bea, friends, we bring you not only discover the secrets of the city, but it will also influence the evolution of our experience of the game. During the approximately 8 hours of gameplay, we will have to decide who to spend our time, with whom to bind ourselves, to open ourselves and to confide to us.

Night in the Woods

The game relies decidedly on the narrative, acting as a wonderful interactive comic, although there are other gaming elements, mainly in the form of small sections, platform, or mini-games “tactile” ranging from shoplifting to vandalism. The focus on character development has had consequences on the pacing, which rarely exceeds the low gears and he lives with the emotional seesaw of Mae during the long dialogues with family, friends, and acquaintances.

As a result, the gameplay is extremely basic and instrumental to the narrative, based on the use of only two buttons: one for trigger and scroll through the dialogues, and the other for the jump. The ability to jump adds a further dimension exploratory, in addition to being fundamental to solving the simple puzzles that occasionally we will need to address to continue. As mentioned earlier, there are small windows of gameplay alternative: a complicated, and sometimes frustrating, rhythm game to which you can access by participating in the rehearsals for the band, or a sort of roguelite hidden in the laptop Maeis so structured as to be a real game in the game.

The version for Nintendo Switch it could almost be considered a Director’s Cutbecause it contains within it the “mini-expansion”, Weird Autumn that makes the adventure Mae more substantial and more organic than the original release. The game is visually spectacular, shooting at 1080p/60FPS in the docked and the 720p/60FPS mode laptop. From a technical point of view, one of the few defects found in the frequency and the length of uploads, but it is a detail on which we can safely postpone. The soundtrack, composed by one of the two authors, it is delicious, the perfect accompaniment to our sad adventure.

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