Fortnite, how many euros cash at the minute (along with other video games)?

That Fortnite has become a real phenomenon of costume, is what note. That you may love or hate it, it is impossible, in fact, do not understand the reach the monstrous level of social and the market, as evidenced by the recent decision of director Christopher Nolan to publish the trailer of his next film within the game itself.

A product that goes beyond the simple definition of the game, able to represent for Epic Games, a real goose that lays golden eggs. In fact, the site MusicMagpie – using balance sheet data and other direct sources – has published a kind of tool that allows you to all the sailors discover in real time the net gain of the Battle Royale and many other games made on the same lines.

From the exact moment in which you open the web pageyou can note, in fact, as Fortnite arrivals to collect over three thousand euro per minutethanks to the support of a community of thousands of players willing to spend real money to buy new skins and items to customize your character.

Fortnite, how many euros cash at the minute (along with other video games)?

Not only Fortnite

This surprising rankings on the video game lucrative continues by showing us the successes of Dungeon Fighter Onlinea scrolling brawler which is very widespread in the east and able to cash out 2800 euro per minute, and then followed by the famous MOBA League of Legendswhich leads into the pockets of the producers over 2600 euros per minute.

The leaderboard then continues as with other games of a certain caliber as Crossfire (2450 euro), Anthem (2100 euro), FIFA 19 (1375€) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1128 euros).

The secret of their success? In some of the above cases it is titles downloadable and playable free of charge (the so-called free-to-play), in which the purchases take place only within the game, and in a manner that is completely optional (but able to generate record profits).

Remember that Fortnite it is available from several months to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switchover the systems iOS and Android.

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