Here are 7 great titles that we will be able to see during the reveal of PS5

The reveal of PlayStation 5 you are doing wait, so much so that fans are anxiously waiting to see the real look as well as the line up of the launch of the platform next gen by Sony.

Now, the preparation of Gaming Bolt it is biased, by posting the one that – according to their point of view – would be the ideal list of games that you can play instantly on the PS5 (or at least, a part of them).

Here are 7 great titles that we will be able to see during the reveal of PS5

It is, in fact, part with Horizon: Zero Dawn 2the sequel of the adventure the open world of Guerrilla Games. After all, last may 8, the job advertisements of software house Dutch had made mention of a new project related with much probability to the set of Aloy. Which is why a sequel wouldn’t be so unlikely.

Then we have the eventual return of Ratchet and Clankthe torque born on the PS2 by now absent for several years on the stage of the Sony console. Surely, their input in the next gen would be quite welcome, maybe always, thanks to the talent of Insomniac Games.

Third and not less important, the remake of Demon’s Soulsmaybe just by Bluepoint Games (which is rumored to be working also on the remake of Jak and Daxter, Soul Reaver). Surely, the founder of the soulslike of FromSoftware has long been in the dreams of the fans. It is then the turn of Resident Evil 8the new chapter of the saga horror targata Capcom, which promises to be the more dark and creepy than ever, according to a rumor.

silent hill konami

Of course, the next Silent Hill it remains one of the you wish to have more among the future owners of PS5, considering also that the insider Dusk Golem had already tweeted something about it. Unfortunately, however, there is still no confirmation by the publisher of the japanese Konami.

To conclude, Gaming Bolt. imagine a Gran Turismo 7 I would not be slighted, as well as Final Fantasy XVI (although, especially after the commercial success of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it is not clear if Square Enix wants to really focus on a chapter from scratch).

Finally, remember that a few days ago, Sony has confirmed that PS5 will not be a bit faster than the PS4, but 100 times faster.

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