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The author of the review: Ruiji

We take the narration and the difficulty of a Bloodborne, let us to the vastness of the game world and mechanics more typical of a Castlevania, finally season with a rich audio-visual worthy of the best films of animation and a setting that was so dark as a fairy-tale. A description of surface mine, fortunately, the realization of the game is something else entirely.

Nidosacroa time a kingdom prosperous and full of life, has fallen into disrepair because of a plague, the infection and its remnants, full of secrets and treasures, have become the subject of exploration of many adventurers, including the protagonist.

Our hero, one of the many bizarre insectoids that inhabit Nidosacrothe Knightafter waking up in a cave, in which you will play the tutorial, will Pulveria, a town now populated only by the elderly Gerontias, which we will touch on some of the details on the sad fate of Nidosacro, and other NPCS with which we can interact. Initially we will have a few commands available, in fact we can just jump, attack with the Sting, or a dagger typical of the explorers, and care for concentrating the souls, which are obtained mainly by attacking enemies and progressing in the adventure will also have other purposes.

The progression is typical of a metroidvania, you will need to explore vast areas, full of enemies and dangers, with obstacles that cannot be overcome until we have gained the ability appropriate. The areas are well connected to each other and finding the station, it is possible to travel quickly from one to the other in the back of a huge rhinoceros beetle. The progression is initially very slow because we will not have the map, which will have to be acquired in each area by a cartographer of adventure that will be found by following the scattered sheets and the sing, while in their shop at Pulveria his wife sells amulets and pins useful for exploring, in particular, it is essential the amulet to know your position at any time.

Once collected, the geo (the money game) that are necessary and purchased the most important objects, we will dedicate ourselves to exploration, going a little bit backwards (because in order to update the map every time you need to find a bench) and entrusting ourselves to our orientation, defeating bosses and unlocking new abilities and new areas.

The areas are vast and full of secrets, explore them at the bottom lets you find out about the NPC useful and new information on everything related to the lore, the narrative, in fact, is very fragmentary, and put all the pieces together of the history of this fascinating world pushes us to explore and is certainly satisfying. There is a good variety of environments including mines rich in crystals, nests of manatees, caves covered with vegetation, and, above all, the beautiful City of Tears with its rain, and the various ruins of the lost kingdom.

Hollow Knight

The graphics are absolutely sumptuous, rich detail, with beautiful backdrops and amazing animations fits perfectly with the environments, making it an absolute joy for the eyes, alternating colors fantasy hues more dark, almost horror (besides, the game is anything but a walk), and excellent music orchestrated to make the experience very impressive and immersive.

The gameplay offers nothing new in the panorama of metroidvania, jump and attack will be the main actions and the ability to unlock (for example the double jump) are typical of the genre, but the production is top-level, net of certain inaccuracies that I have encountered in the phases with a lot of platformer.

The combat system is not very deep in itself, in fact, in addition to being able to attack with the Spine (note that the enemies in normal are hard to delete), you will have only the spells (which consume souls, so in different situations you need to choose whether to keep the souls to heal or use spells), but the amulets, items to equip that have various effects, for example, one that allows him to heal more quickly, another increase of the scale of the attack, and yet another materializes a shield orbiting around the protagonist, make the adventure more varied and give the opportunity to choose the right approach for every situation.

The boss fight are probably the most valuable feature of the game, although at times they may seem unfair, it is spectacular, varied and satisfactory, and many bosses are optional, will give a hard time even to the most skilled players and experts.

The pace is not very high, both for the slowness of the movements (the protagonist is not very fast, in spite of the various links between the areas, you could do better, even for the quick trip) and for the resistance of the enemies are normal.

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