Journals: Ritual Of The Night, the update with Ichigo is now also available for the Switch

The publisher 505 Games and the developer ArtPlay published a new update for the version Nintendo Switch of Journals: Ritual of the Night that adds to the content available since last may 7 for the editions Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Windows PC.

Among these, we find Ichigo as a playable character and the new “modeRandomizer“.

journals, ritual of the night

Once the title is complete and obtained the best final, we will be able to select When to play the story a second (or third) time. The fighter, unlike the protagonist, Miriam, will use the power of his sword to eliminate all enemies, and will have some special ability that they will use the PM.

Randomizer, however, will allow us to customize the game experience through the changing of eight different parameters, such as objectives, key objects, and more.

In our review, where we awarded Journals: Ritual of the Night with a great 8,6, we stated that “the title published by 505 Games does not add much to the formula proven in ’97 from Symphony of the Night, but no chance, nothing to suggest a combat system that is fluid and full of possibilities, a mole, a content mind-blowing and an eerie ambience, which, in the end, this is all what the fans of Castlevania were asking.

Source: Gematsu

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