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The author of the review: Vc3nZ_92

Shadow of the Tomb Raider it is the final chapter of the trilogy reboot started as far back as 2013. The formula of the second chapter here is the full maturation, so much so that ludicamente is flawless or almost. The bitter taste in the mouth, however, remains, because, for the third time in a row they have failed side of the story and the characters. We go into more detail to understand the why of what I just said.

Let us start the analysis from the component games. To better understand how it works Shadow of the Tomb Raider pad in hand, we subdivide ideally, the gameplay of the product in three categories: combat, exploration and puzzles. The combat is the weakest part of the package. Specifically, the gunplay is still the same of the two previous titles, with many failures, but it works quite well. The enemies encounters you can also deal with stealth, the component that has been slightly improved and now is more organized and satisfying, also thanks to the excellent work of level design, and finally in some situation you can also go full stealth. The AI of the enemy is very poor, but unlike the previous, here the enemies do a lot of damage even on the standard difficulty, then approach the front of the Rambo of the previous sometimes leads to premature death. However, in this third chapter, the sections in which to take out enemies, with weapons drawn or stealth, both are reduced to the bone, and the bulk of the game focuses on exploration and puzzle-solving.

Well, these two gaming components are perfect or nearly so. In the game there are a lot of puzzles, both story-related and optional, all well-designed. Have never stupid, and you always have to think, but at the same time are never cryptic and abstruse, and not ever make use of solutions, and this is a nice point of strength: they can give the player a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, because the aiutini are never explicit. The exploration, which is strongly connected to the resolution of puzzles, in addition to find collectibles and areas that are optional, like the tombs (which are other maxi-puzzles can be stimulating, and never tiring, thanks to a painstaking level design and world-building that never makes the progression redundant. Do you think that I have finished my first run, exploring the game world in long and in wide, with 99% overall completion, without getting tired for a minute.

A speech to part deserves the difficulty. At the beginning of the game you can choose between Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Difficult, and the difficulty will of course influence the gaming components of the above (in fact, the preset are three, since the last difficulty is equal to the penultimate, but without the check-point, and then with only the ability to save to the camps). But then because I wanted to reflect on this thing? Because the game allows you to TOTALLY personalize the experience. We can choose the Normal combat and Difficult for the exploration and the puzzles, for example, so we will not have any visual aid (the classic colored stripes that indicate the paths), and no hints on the puzzles and, let me loose balance, in this way we will have an experience very close to that of the much-acclaimed Tomb Raider classic. A choice as simple as it is effective, and I honestly do not understand why the system is not implemented in many more titles.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

To conclude the discussion on the gameplay we talk about the variety on offer. In all honesty, I could not have asked for anything better. As said before, the puzzles and exploration will keep us busy for a long more time as compared to shootings, and yet you will never find, and I mean never, a solution repeated or trivial. The game manages to offer a series of challenges from the increasing difficulty that are ALL different from the beginning to the end. All nine of the tombs are optional are profoundly different (and big, big), as well as all the crypts, or even all of the sections of the story. The title manages to give a feeling of adventure without equal, in a few words. This is the merit of THE game.

After you have woven the praise on the playful element, we must, alas, talk of component narratives. The main plot is vapid, the sub-plots, secondary also, but the worst thing are the characters written badly, and are characterized as a bedside table, and with dialogues tragicomic. Even Lara here is a return to levels of that of the first chapter of 2013, after a minimum and timid improvement of his characterization took place in the Rise. You don’t know how the thing has given me a hassle. They managed to make it unpleasant an icon of the media, still I do not know. Unable to empathize with the characters, with their stories, with what surrounds us. We will go forward only because it is truly a sight to play, and a discovery is still, in all the senses.

For the eyes is a pleasure from beginning to end. Brute power and art design, we offer breathtaking scenery: there is only one location that I left open mouth. Unfortunately also here, as in the previous, it’s missing some animations fittingeven if the whole thing is less evident than in the past. To underline also the fact that there are three polygonal models to the cross for the secondary characters, and since we interact often with them for side missions, it may be debated to some. Component sound only enough. The music they make just the homework and the Italian dubbing is very bad, especially for a triple-A this caliber, without sneaking around.

Longevity is really good. I honestly do not know to divide the hours necessary for the main from those for the 100%, because I was captured so much by the game world that I did everything in one go, but thirty hours to see, I do not say all, but enough, need. Then if you buy the DLC (the Season Pass is often on offer at less than 7€) add the other 7 to 8 hours to the total calculation, but, above all, to add any of the puzzles and challenges are always rewarding, with new solutions compared to the base game.

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