The 2019 it’s certainly been a very important year for the industry, the last without the shadow of next-gen around the corner, and scheduled for the end of 2020).

According to the data of global sales related to the market of the video games posted on the forum ResetErait seems that the last year has seen a name for the triumph above all others: we are talking about Sony.

The japanese giant had in fact surpassed the giants of the calibre of Tencent and Nintendo – whose situation is in any case very positive and in constant growth – by several million Microsoft.

Sony is the number one 2019: beaten Tencent and Nintendo

Below is the full list with their respective global numbers:

  1. Sony – $18.19 billion
  2. Tencent – $16.224 billion
  3. Nintendo – $12.010 billion
  4. Xbox – $10.260 billion
  5. Activision-Blizzard – $6.388 billion
  6. Electronic Arts – $5.537 billion
  7. Take-Two Interactive – $3.089 billion
  8. Bandai Namco – $3.018 billion
  9. Square Enix – $2.396 billion
  10. Ubisoft – $1.446 billion
  11. Konami – $1.303 billion
  12. SAW – $1.153 billion
  13. Capcom – $767.30 million
  14. Embracer Group$322.5 million

Is important to emphasize that the ranking concerns only the revenue related to the division gaming of the various companies and not the overall numbers of the company (considering the fact that the revenue of Tencent related to the video game industry about ‘only’ 30% of the overall turnover).

We just have to see if, even with regard to 2020, the situation will remain unchanged or will there be a net change of positions (considering also the arrival of the new console generation).

Source: ResetEra