Dreams: Media Molecule pays you to help you improve it

If, in these last few months you have gone on a bread and Dreamsyou might be one of the players who Media Molecule is trying to further improve his title from the creator of the games. The british company has in fact announced to be looking for testers of its own among the european players, who will have to sign a NDA (non-disclosure) in the case they are then selected. The contribution, in this case, you paid with £200about 223 euros at the current exchange rate, you will be paid on PayPal (unless risediate in the United Kingdom, where you can also receive a bank transfer).

If you are interested you can apply to this address: if selected, you will need to have a chat presentation of about an hour, update, Media Molecule and explain your game play activity over the course of two weeks of testing and finally deal with a chat final, after which you will receive the compensation. The tester will help to improve the version VR of the game in a refinement, on which the team is working on for some time.

Dreams: Media Molecule pays you to help you improve it

It is not the first time that Media Molecule speaks to its community to improve its projects: in the past, in fact, we remember the generous duration of the beta of the same Dreamsin addition to the idea of allowing authors to monetize video game originally created by exploiting the latter.

Dreams it is available exclusively on the PS4. If you want to get an idea of what this tool-the video game has to offer both to those who want to create and who want to play, refer to our review video. Remember also that there is now available a demo that lets you try it out without disbursements.

Source: Media Molecule | VIA: VGC

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