FIFA 20, the Baggies because: they are not in the TOTS? Because I criticized the game

EA Sports has released in these hours the players selected for his Team of the Season in the Series in FIFA 20with the cards of star players from the league’s best, which circulate then in the popular online mode FUT.

The training includes many elements, among other teams, Inter and Juventus (even if in the game is called Piedmont Football because of the licenses granted on an exclusive eFootball PES 2020) – but these do not figure the bomber nerazzurro Romelu Baggies. And it seems that he has not taken very well.

FIFA 20, the Baggies because: they are not in the TOTS? Because I criticized the game

The TOTS Serie A FIFA 20

With regard to the team of the season (at least up to where it is now, waiting to figure out if it will resume or not), the selected players are:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, 99
  • Luis Alberto, Lazio, 97
  • MartinezInter, 96
  • Property, Lazio, 96
  • IlicicAtalanta. 96
  • GomezAtalanta, 96
  • De VrijInter, 95
  • Szczesny, Juventus, 95
  • ShakeRome, 94
  • HananovicInter, 94
  • Milinkovic-Savic, Lazio, 94
  • Kick, Juventus, 94
  • Champions doubled their advantageCagliari, 93
  • Theo HernandezMilan, 93
  • Outstanding, Naples, 93
  • Manolas, Naples, 93
  • Acerbi, Lazio, 93
  • Cuadrado, Juventus, 92
  • Berardi, Sassuolo, 88
  • PilgrimsRome, 88
  • Allan, Naples, 88 (Flashback SBC)
  • Allan, Naples, 91 (Flashback SBC)
  • Boga, Sassuolo, 89 (Objectives, Player)
  • Joao PedroCagliari, 92 (Objective Player)

The comment of the Baggies

The absence of the Minute, highlighted by a fan that he asked the bomber, belgian “how is it possible that you are not in TOTS of FIFA 20?“he triggered the comment of the number 9, without going too much around he wrote on his profile “it is because of them I have blamed for years”by adding immediately after “fan*ulo, however, is only a game”.

To be included in the team was, however, his talented mate department, Lautaro Martinez, who with the Baggies and has found a great understanding with the Inter shirt.

FIFA 20 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Mode FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is included in all editions of the title, and lets you create the team of your dreams, buying the players with virtual currency in a market that is shared, online platform.

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