Silent Hills could also have mechanical from ARG?

There is a kind of gaming experience, called ARG (Alternate Reality Game), who puts his items in the real world, making the experience highly engaging and transforming the so some aspects of your life as elements of the game. It is games transmedia: some examples that are very famous are linked to, for example, to the television series – with Lost that was flanked by Lost Experience. Starting from one spot, players found clues that the purpose was to evoke a web site, and this site, were passed on to others (all fictitious and related to the world of the narrative of the series), up to unravel the mystery they sought. The most famous is the case of The Beast, that accompanied the film A. I. Artificial Intelligence, involving over three million participants.

It is just two examples, among dozens of others involving media of all types: there are the ARGS that you contact via e-mail, for example, by providing clues on how to go ahead with the game, and others that can even make the phone ring. Behold, one of these – according to a source – could be deleted Silent Hills.

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Silent Hills as ARG?

Alanah Pearce, the texas-based Rooster Teeth, has claimed to have had the opportunity to chat with a source close to the development of the game, who had spoken of the idea to include in the video game of Hideo Kojima also features of this type, capable of interacting with the real world.

We’re still talking about a project cancelled (and apparently dead and buried), but, according to what she learned would, for example, made sure to continue to console off – just like in the case of the ARG, perhaps even making you to get messages, email, or contact you on social media. Another possibility which was thought of, cited from the source, is that of flashing lights smart in their own home.

Silent Hills could also have mechanical from ARG?

The idea does not sound so farfetched, knowing Hideo Kojima and his unique way of interfacing with the game: a horror able to leave the mark on the console turned off, it would have been far from him, if we think about the use of the solar sensor seen in Boktai (where served by the producer, however, and not by the director), or to some mechanical Metal Gear Solid or Death Stranding.

For the moment, however, all is quiet on the front Silent Hill: all we know is that Konami has debunked the recent rumor about a dual project in the works (one of which wanted to be involved in their own Kojima Productions), but we also know that he has received visits excellent at his headquarters.

We see, then, if and when you move something to the return of the popular horror series. And, who knows, if sooner or later it will really also have some mechanical ARG.

Source: Alanah Pearce | VIA: Rely on Horror

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