Year History Collection announced: it will come in June

If you are a fan of the series Year but you still have to recover some of the outputs of the franchise, you’ll be happy to know that soon there will be a solution that’s designed specifically for you. Ubisoftin fact, he has just announced Year History Collectiona box set that will allow you to bring home some of the chapters of the saga, in a single solution.

On the inside, in fact, you will find Anno 1602, Anno 1503, The year 1701 and The year 1404that will also be complete with their expansions already previously published.

The collection, which was also confirmed by the trailer that you can see just above, will allow you to play these titles in 4K. There will be several other improvements, assures the publisher, who also added the multiplayer support for anno 1503.

Year History Collection it will include, finally, soundtracks, wallpapers and logos to download, in addition to a ornament the special use within the recent The year 1800.

The appointment was set for the next June 26,with the output set as always on PC.

Year History Collection announced: it will come in June

Founded in 1998, the series Year sees players build their city using exploration, resources, and diplomacy, which will be used in a more balanced way possible, to lead to future fortune to your civilization.

The most recent release, The year 1800signed by Blue Byte, is available from 2019: found on Gametrailers found our review.

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