PS5: ‘as soon as’ the new date of the reveal event

A few days ago, as you know, Sony Interactive has decided to postpone the event scheduled for tomorrow, June 4, 2020, to 22 Italian time dedicated in particular to the reveal of the games PS5.

The motivation is related to the recent us crisis, triggered by the killing of the african-american George Floyd by the hand of a police officer of Minneapolis. The event, highly anticipated by the community of players around the world, it would be the occasion to see the movement of the first titles out on the platform next-gen.

PS5: ‘soon’ the new date of the reveal event

Apparently, however, something is moving, (albeit timidly): PlayStation has just updated the video description of the ad for the event, which now reads as follows:

Update: this event has been postponed. We will soon contact you with a new date.

Of course, though not being a new specific day to mark in red on the calendar, is still a shy hint of a situation that – we hope – may open in a very short time. It is not clear if the event will be slipped the next week, or only later (hoping not sfori the month of June 2020).

The whole is in fact tied to double thread to the emergency in the USA, which has led to demonstrations and violent protests in many american cities.

We remember in every case that showcases digital it will last a little over an hour, allowing us to admire part of the series of advertisements related to PS5 expected by now, and for the next few weeks.

There only remains to wait for further official update by Sony and the PlayStation, with the new date of the highly anticipated reveal event of PS5.

Source: Sony | Via: PS

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