Activision, investors against the CEO: it takes too much money

The shareholders of Activision Blizzard have advanced a proposal to limit the money owed to Bobby Kotick, CEO of the u.s. company. As reported by our colleagues of VG24/7.comin fact, documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission from the CtW Investment Group has called on the shareholders to give opinion to the contrary about the possibility of Activision to decide entirely independently to what amounts to the compensation of the CEO.

In view of the annual meeting with investors, scheduled for the 11th of June next, those who have presented the proposal as a way to avoid that Kotick may – for a further year, they said – bring it home “more than 20 million dollars combined between shares and options equity”that the CEO would have brought home in all the previous four year. According to the subscribers, it would be a figure disproportionate compared to the CEO of other companies of similar – although the document put the hands ahead, stating that Kotick may still “get of the options the equity premium, even when the performance may be below expected.”


The maneuver would be important, according to the applicants, after which in 2019 Activision Blizzard had fired more than eight hundred employees, especially because some developers junior, of against to the CEO, incasserebbero $40,000 a year, and then a scissors is extremely high with the top step, Kotick, while having to live in an area with very high cost, as the southern California.

For the moment, however, Activision has defended the figures, payable to the CEO, explaining that “during the management of mr. Kotick, the longest for the CEO of any public company that is concerned with the technology, the market capitalization of Activision Blizzard has grown from less than $10 million to over $53 billion dollars.”

Recently, Kotick had made a name for itself a peculiar idea to stay close to its employees in times of coronavirus: the leader of Activision had in fact provided her personal number to the workers of the company, inviting them to call him one to one to clarify their doubts, or their doubts about the health issue related to the pandemic.

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