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The author of the review: Apollonius

Look at the past is often a must-have feature of many productions which are defined as independent. The economic resources, modest and sincere devotion to the classics meet up in products that seem to be the children of ancient times. Thy Sword is no exception. The three years of efforts GamePhase they have given shape to the rough play of a few handfuls of pixels, which definitely should not be asked for the age. This is because Thy Swordas you will have understood from these lines and how nicely we allow ourselves to write, do not port well the years that has. It shows many more, in spite of his recent output.

It is an action platformer stoic, poor vezzi charts or refinements to the gameplay. A sword, at most accompanied by a bow and some arrow, and the rooms to be clean from any enemy before they can be left behind. A few coins in to collect on the way and the possibility to parry, in addition, of course to jump. It is mechanical that soon and easily not only leave the master, but that exhaust everything they have to say, lacking any kind of depth. One summary study of the scenario allow you to approach time and time again our opponents, pull on them a couple of thrusts before absorb the blows and take us on a scale, for example, to do again the practice.

It is stimulating to think with patience to what steps to move to eradicate from the monsters in the area, or enjoy the thrill of a more rapid pace to exhaust the area. However, it is a pleasure fleeting, the types of opponents are reduced, even more modest in their offensive capabilities, while the structure of the levels is elementary. Platform random, a handful of bad guys is not different in substance, with some happy exceptions, and there is a procedure to repeat always the same. A system without large leaps but not terrible. Thy Sword let you play, not for long mind you, but let you play. Provided that you appreciate the cadence compassata of the duels, not exactly hectic.

If a little of the above-mentioned randomness is because for every death you rimescoleranno the cards on the table, in the sense of platforms, enemies, and their arrangement will change. Rogue-lite? Not really, the differences are laughable, and limited, in fact, objects and anything else that has accumulated will remain at our disposal. An attempt a bit too shy to give more to the adventure.

Thy Sword

So as it seems only hinted at the possibility of improving our protagonist. Finished each area, we will have the ability to loosen the tension in a village and there we can lighten our virtual wallet in exchange for a new weapon or some other advantage. Unfortunately, the offer leaves something to be desired. Yes, you can treat yourself to a sword flaming, but nothing will change if not damage, no other weapon with which to undertake there will never be a proposal. Among the abilities instead of the ability of the double jump is interesting, for example, and makes it less forced certain passages, but the fact that these are not combined it dramatically decreases the appeal. Unfortunately, the options to try are very few, and in the space of two games you will have given rein to your curiosity with every possible combination, not exactly the best for a game that gives a nod to the rogue-lite and promises replayability with more characters.

At the beginning of the game you can choose between two alter-ego, in fact, and in the course of the adventure are rewarded sbloccandone other. Unfortunately, however, beyond the features, these do not have unique characteristics. Each trait that differentiates one from the other is an item, however affordable during the course of the game. A choice that made it very unattractive to try new adventurers since these do not offer anything that has not already accustomed to.

Are convincing instead of the boss and which are the challenges more interesting and challenging. Well different among them, each to be addressed in its own way. Some, however, will have attack patterns too predictable and simple, can be anticipated their every move before they act. Nevertheless are a most worthy conclusion of the individual zones. After about an hour you will satisfied with drop the last threat, and scroll through the titles of the queue. As it is written, despite the sboccabili, you are not encouraged to reach more of the epilogue. Duration is surely not enviable but we enjoyed the pace.

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