Crash Bandicoot leaked with new design and characters

A new leak seems to suggest a different design on arrival for Crash Bandicoot and historical characters of the franchise was born with Naughty Dog, now in the hands of Activision.

The leak comes from merchandise licensed product PlayStation and in particular from the site of In, a european distributor in charge of delivery to the shops in the Old Continent.

The intellectual property is back in vogue in recent years thanks to operations like Crash Bandicoot N. Healthy Trilogy and CTR Nitro-Fueledand it could soon have new iterations.

Crash Bandicoot leaked with new design and characters

The merchandise is no longer available on the website after being discovered by fans, it is likely that Activision has requested its removal waiting to make an official announcement.

These official products, they emphasize that the Crash has received a redesign also with respect to the look seen in the No Sane Trilogy, who also gave a polished appearance.

The current look seems inspired by that seen in the mobile game released a few weeks ago, the game where the rest smiling the pose of the figure with a smartphone and the intention to photograph selfie.

Crash Bandicoot leaked with new design and characters

In addition, there are pins Tawna Bandicootthe girlfriend of the Crash appeared in the chapter the original of 1996, and also in this case we have a redesign – this time not focusing on the title mobile seen that there appears.

This new look of the character could be to indicate the imminent arrival of a title mainline console and PC, is the case which is in effect from the time at the center of rumor.

We don’t know when we will celebrate actually the presentation and the launch of a new game in the series but, with the event PS5 scheduled for tonight at 22:00, is the case of keeping your eyes open.

Source: IGN US

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