Kena Bridge of Spirits was the protagonist of a new video presentation at the Future Games Show.

One of the last titles involved in the show on Saturday the 13th of June, Kena did not show new gameplay, but it has provided additional information with respect to the announcement a few days ago.

Kena Bridge of Spirits: announced for PS5 but it's also for PS4, new video

The title will be exclusive to the PlayStation console as is well known, but will not come out only on PS5, but it is also planned for PS4. On PS5, however, will use the DualSense to provide some special functionality in addition to having improved graphics.

The release for PC will be an exclusive on the Epic Games Store, with other shops that will not be covered since day one, but may be added as is often the case in the months or years subsequent.

This and other details have been revealed by the developers of the Ember Lab in the video at the top.

Kena Bridge of Spirits has not been a release date.