Watch Dogs Legion: here is where you can do the preorder at a discounted price

Presented during the last E3 in Los Angeles, Watch Dogs Legion it’s disappeared a bit from the scenes after the decision, on the part of Ubisoftto delay its launch, initially scheduled for the 6th of march, at a date not yet defined. The title will knock in a near future in which London is on the brink of ruin, the inhabitants are oppressed by a state of constant vigilance with private military companies type that control the streets and a powerful criminal organization that takes advantage of the most vulnerable.

Our task will be to create a resistance to prevent the birth of an authoritarian regime. Unlike previous chapters of the series, players will have the opportunity to “impersonate anyone.”.

In fact, every inhabitant of London is present in the open world of the game was completely simulated, with so much of life is persistent, and the past, allowing players to recruit anyone in your team. Each of them will also have some features unique gameplay, based on your profile.

watch dogs legion

Waiting to know the new date of the official launch, we thought we’d help you in the search of the best price to book the title, suggesting the purchase of the product on the Amazona portal that does not need presentations and total reliability, especially for its excellent customer service.

As usual, for each exit of relief worthy of the name, Watch Dogs Legion will be available in different variants.
watch dogs legion standard edition ps4

Standard Edition

It can not certainly miss the the basic version that includes practically only the game disc and it is perfect for those who want to just have fun with the title. Unfortunately, unlike other products like Cyberpunk 2077inside a package there are no additional content.

Limited Edition (Exclusive To Amazon)

watch dogs legion limited edition ps4The Limited Edition of Watch Dogs Legion, exclusive Amazon, you can get the package called “London The Dissident Pack“, which contains the mask-Cardboard Cyborg, mask, Distortion in the mask, the Sapphire Guard. Given that it is a booking, you’ll also have the “Golden King Packthat includes the mask, “Raison d’état”, the skin “Sister inviperita” for the gun and the skin “Lux” for the car.

Gold Editionwatch dogs legion gold edition ps4

Compared tothe Standard edition and Limitedthe Gold Edition includes the Season Passthat offers the mission an additional “Not in our name” is available right now, a skin for auto DEDSEC and the four heroes iconic with unique abilities and missions on the origins of each.

This version is proposed therefore as the ideal for the real fans of the series, which will continue to play for a long time thanks to the content that will be published post-launch.

The collector’s Edition.

watch dogs legion collector's edition ps4

The the prestigious collector’s edition includes the Ultimate Edition, plus a replication of the mask LED the Crown DedSeca package Steelbook exclusive, a set of three stickers, and a poster propaganda a front-to-back.

All the contents are inspired by the universe of the game and, in addition, it will be possible to immediately gain access to the mask in the same game. This edition will be available exclusively on Ubisoft Store.

NB: At the moment, some editions are not available for the preorder.

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