all products, prices and pre-order line

The LEGO Group today unveiled all the products in the line LEGO Super Mariodesigned to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the mascot of Nintendo with an exit program for on August 1, 2020.

In addition to the products revealed in April, come the new Expansion Pack, Pack, Characters, collectibles and Power-Up Packs to enrich all components of the collection.

The products presented today allow you to build the house of Mario, search for the treasure hidden by the Toad and defeat the Koopa Troopas in the castle guarded.

The adventures of Mario – Starter Pack, enriched with the first two Expansion Packs, is the key to unlock the whole game, because it is the only set to contain the character interactive LEGO Mario can collect coins in the levels of the game created with LEGO bricks.

LEGO Super Mario: all products, prices and pre-order line

The Starter Pack contains, at the price of 59,99 euroseven bricks action to interact with the character LEGO Mario, thanks to its LCD screens on the eyes, the mouth and on the chest is able to instantly show its reactions to the movement, the color and actions of the bricks.

All sets contain a unique series of characters and challenges, with which fans can play together with their friends or challenging them.

In addition to the Slide of the Plant Piranha – Expansion Pack and the final Battle at Bowser’s Castle – Expansion Pack announced in April, the line of the Expansion Pack will include:

LEGO Super Mario – Expansion Pack

  • 71362 – LEGO-Super-Mario-castle guarded – Expansion Pack (49,99 euro)
  • 71363 – LEGO Super Mario Marghibruco of the Desert – Expansion Pack (19,99 euro)
  • 71364 – LEGO-Super-Mario-Woe to the fortress Whomp – Expansion Pack (19,99 euro)
  • 71365 – LEGO-Super-Mario-Slide of the Plant Piranha – Expansion Pack (€29.99)
  • 71366 – LEGO Super Mario Barrage of Banzai Bill – Expansion Pack (€29.99)
  • 71367 – LEGO Super Mario Home of Mario and Yoshi – Expansion Pack (€29.99)
  • 71368 – LEGO Super Mario treasure Hunting Toad – Expansion Pack (69,99€)
  • 71369 – LEGO-Super-Mario-final Battle at Bowser’s Castle – Expansion Pack (99,99 euros)
  • 71376 – LEGO-Super-Mario-the fall of The Thwomp – Expansion Pack (39,99 euros – available only at select retailers)
  • 71377 – LEGO Super Mario King Boo and the backyard haunted – Expansion Pack (49,99 euro – available only at select retailers)

LEGO Super Mario – Power-up Packs

  • 71370 – LEGO Super Mario Fire Mario Power-Up Pack (9,99 EUR)
  • 71371 – LEGO Super Mario Mario Propeller Power-Up Pack (9,99 EUR)
  • 71372 – LEGO Super Mario Mario Cat Power-Up Pack (9,99 EUR)
  • 71373 – LEGO Super Mario Mario Manufacturer Power-Up Pack (9,99 EUR)

LEGO Super Mario – Pack Characters

  • 71361 – LEGO Super Mario Pack Characters (3,99 EUR)

You have today to even ten enemy characters to collect, available in Pack Characters, packs a surprise with a character build and an action tag with which to play. The characters included may be a Paragoomba, Fuzzy, Spiny, Buzzy Beetle, Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Eep Cheep Cheep, Blooper, Urchin, or Peepa.

For a more in-depth line of LEGO Super Mario and the partnership between the two giants of the entertainment, we recommend you see our special on the encounter between video games and building blocks.

You are interested in entering in the world of lego bricks with the mascot of Nintendo? Take a look at the pre-order LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack to learn more about how to do it your

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