Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

The author of the review: the Crimson King

Anno Domini 1995. I had just started middle school. The series is called the series and the one that went to the greatest on the cathode-ray tubes Italian was the X-Files. Psychologists sought to the reputation of the national writing articles on the hazards of Sailor Moon and Tamagotchi, while unknown, named Matthew, buying vowels on the Wheel of Fortune. The PC video games, selling still in big boxes from stores that were not linked to multinational chains, and the information video-games existed only in paper form, on a magazine that allegavano demo and shareware.

Thanks to one of those magazines, I tried out the new opera of that Westwood Studio that had produced Dune II, a game full of original ideas, and which is still considered the first exponent of a real-time strategy: Command & Conquerthis was the title of the last work of the developer in the us. This time, no longer tied to the license of a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, the team of Las Vegas invented a futuristic universe in which the Earth was contaminated by a mysterious crystal to the name Tiberium, a mineral that is extremely toxic, but that was at the same time a source of enormous wealth. The voltages for the control of the Tiberium had led to the outbreak of a world war, which saw arrayed a part of an alliance created by the united nations, the The Global Defense Initiative or GDIand on the other , The Brotherhood Of The Nod. This semi-terrorist, was led by Kanethe guru who had first started to investigate the Tiberium stating that the mysterious substance would lead humanity to a new stage of evolution.

The gameplay was well-articulated in its simplicity and immediacy: you could take two campaigns, one driving the GDI and the Noddivided into a series of missions in which we had to build a base and of the military units with which to eradicate the enemy. Each faction had of the buildings and of the means of war exclusive, and their production was financed from the collection of the Tiberium. While the GDI they were more reliant on strategic attacks on a large scale, the Nod had from their lower cost for the units that allowed them to the constitution of the armies of greater magnitude as compared to the other party. The oppression of the enemy was then on a system of strength and weakness on the style of rock-paper-scissors, in which he was the player to produce the right drive to take advantage of the weak points of the enemy, of course being careful of his counters.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

The year after, in 1996, Westwood presented Red Alert, a prequel that was so successful to guarantee a saga in and of itself. Set in an alternative version of the years ’40 of last century, Red Alert he saw the professor Albert Einstein build a time machine to alter the events of the Second World War as we know it. Arrived in Germany on the 20th of December 1924, the day of the release of Hitler from prison of Landsberg, Einstein shakes the hand of the future dictator, causing a temporal paradox that removes from the Story the one who was to become the Führer. But not everything goes according to the plans of the German scientist, who is not able to avoid the outbreak of the Second World War. In the power vacuum that leaves the Third Reich fits the Soviet Union led by Joseph Stalin, who invades China and certain territories in Eastern Europe. Accordingly, the Allied Forces formed by the United States, Great Britain and other european nations are still free to react, and damage the actions of the guerrilla times put an end to the expansion of the soviet union and to defeat Stalin.

A restoration of the rule of the art of war

Today, at a distance of 25 years from the release of these historical titles, the fans then they can not do not look with watery eyes at the exit of this Command & Conquer Remastered Collectionit does of nostalgia on their raison d’être. We even have an installation screen fake, in which we will be greeted by the familiar voice of EVAthe artificial intelligence that acts as an assistant during the campaigns, and the logo of the, now deceased Westwood Studioat the end of the loading process, then the asset will evolve into resolutions that were unimaginable in the distant 1995, then giving way to the movies FMV that are the trademark of the saga. And we are ready to return to the weapons!

Once back on the field of battle is like riding a bike: the commands are the same, our dear old drives obsessively repeated the same four lines of voice acting dedicated to them, but everything in the technical sector has been restored beautifully by the new graphics and audio remastered for the occasion. In short, Command & Conquer it is a sprightly little old man, dressed with the dress of the parties. This was the objective of the Petroglyph Games, the studio formed by some members silence of the Westwood who has had the burden of re-mastering Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert: to give new gamers an experience that is visually new, while keeping the same gameplay of its archetype. And the objective was achieved with flying colors. Remain, unfortunately, the “factory defects” of the time, as an atrocious pathfinding that too often will lead your troops to choose paths that clash with your orders by exposing them involuntarily to the enemy’s fire, and an artificial intelligence that tends to get some nap too. It should also be noted that I fully support the 4k and the 120fps, but not the resolutions ultrawide.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

If we wanted to, however, surrender completely to nostalgia, you just need to press the space bar and lo and behold, we return to the graphics pixellosa of the 90’s. If that’s not enough, have been made available a series of targeted options to renew the gameplay C&Cas the key bindingsthe speed of the game, a new mechanical construction in the queue, and so on. Also, for those who decide to purchase the game on Steam, there is full support at the Workshop, and the audience is already giving a great deal to do in the development of the mod.

Unfortunately, to feel the weight of years, are the picturesque movies FMV, who suffer from the conversion to high resolution, resulting in slavatissimi. A defect of little account, we think that a welcome and fun addition are the behind-the-scenes video from unlock at the end of each mission, with the legendary acting from action movies american of series C of the actors that have given life to the various Kane, Sheppard, Einstein and Stalin.

The soundtrack to metal composed by Frank Klepacki and his band, the Tiberian Sons, has been re-mastered in a flawless manner, and includes both a selection of new songs that the original versions of the music. Needless to say, hear it echo in the chests of the powerful Hell Marchthe subject of Red Alert as well as the national anthem of all the strategic games of every era and place, has not the price and gasa lot. There is also an option Jukebox that allows you to create your own playlist from the soundtrack of games to play during campaign missions.

In conclusion, Command & Conquer Remastered Collection it is the epitome of how of how it should be developed in the restoration of a game. Thanks to the freedom that the Petroglyph have left to the player through a completely customizable experience everyone can choose whether to embark on a journey guided by nostalgia, or if rejuvenate their experience with a graphics cleaned up and gameplay modernized. Speak to a product directed mainly to fans of the time and fans of the history of video games, but also curious, for the modest sum of 20 euros, will be able to discover two of the cornerstones of a real-time strategy.

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