Star Wars Squadrons will support the controller, Hotas, for those who love flight simulations

There are many gamers, enthusiasts, specifically of the genre of flight simulators, consequently you have fun by acquiring all of the appropriate equipment to re-create as faithfully as possible the feeling of a cockpit. The same gamers that will be happy to know that Star Wars Squadrons it will support the use of joystick and controller Hotas – ideal for those fighter pilot virtual in his spare time.

Star Wars Squadrons will support the controller, Hotas, for those who love flight simulations

The news comes from creative director Ian S. Frazierthrough his Twitter profile has confirmed the ability to play using this type of specific devices – at least on PCas far as we know now.

In the words of Frazier:

I checked and apparently I am allowed to tell you without being chased by those who deal with public relations! Yes, we support fully the joystick on the PC, including the Hotas with throttle.

To those who asked the question of a possible support, even on consoles, the developer has explained that for now she does not know (or may not) still say if the feature will arrive on other platforms too, and anticipated that more details on the Hotas (specific models supported)” will be issued in the future.

We will then riferirveli, a time that will be announced.

Please note that Star Wars Squadrons will have both a multiplayer mode 5v5 that a campaign, allowing you to both assume the role of a pilot of Empire, that of one of the New Republic. The output of the title is waiting for the October 2, 2020 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

New information will arrive on the 19th starting at 1.00 in the morning, during the appointment with EA Play: we suggest you not to lose sight of the pages Gametrailers found for all the ads that come directly from the conference.

Source: Twitter

If you want to get closer to the flight simulators by purchasing a controller, Hotas, here you can find a signed Thrustmaster.

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