Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4: we are all Price – Special

It is virtually certain that in these days, finally we will see the announcement of the next Call of Duty that, according to rumor, should bring us back to the saga Black Ops. In anticipation of the passing of the torch to Treyarch, however, Infinity Ward is still hard at work at the great Modern Warfare (and also to his “cousin” Warzone), which has a few days saw open his the fourth season.

As usual, we are here to provide you with an overview of the main novelties of this new tranche of content which, remember, are completely free of charge for all owners of the game, available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Captain Price’s ready to get in on the action

This Season 4 has as a man to cover no less than the legendary Captain Price. This historical character appeared for the first time in Call of Duty 4 and completely reviewed in the recent Modern Warfare, finally becomes playable in the multiplayer segment of the title, Infinity Ward. A nod to long time fans but also to newcomers, since Price is surely one of the most memorable characters from the single player campaign.

Once you have selected the Price, we take the plunge directly about the new maps to try, which to the launch of season three: Scrapyard for the classic multiplayer mode, Trench coat for the versus mode and Barakett Promenade for land Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4: we are all the Price – Special

Let’s start from the Scrapyard. This is, of course, the remake of the map view for the first time in Modern Warfare 2adapted to the new setting. It has medium dimensions and the action tends to become immediately the frantic, due to the concentration of the spaces. Also to this, it could be poorly suited for snipers, favoring instead the weapons at medium range-short.

All in all, the map has convinced us; its small size make it a good variation compared to the other offerings from the game and, on average, tend to be rather large. Scrapyard lends itself very well also to the mode objectives, which are particularly dynamic on the inside.

Trench coat instead, it is a map of small size, being designed exclusively for the versus mode. To characterise it is the trench that gives it its name, snaking along the perimeter of the area – and it’s up to us to choose whether to move in yet (only relative) of the trench, or if you climb up on the ground, relying on a surprise attack, but also makes us more vulnerable. The Trench coat I really liked: it is a concept that is very simple, that is well suited to the versus mode. Although the map is rather linear, the possibility to choose between the trench and the top soil makes the fights very dynamic and unpredictable.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4: we are all the Price – Special

Barakett Promenade it is totally the opposite; designed for the mode, ground War, this map is able to accommodate 64 players, boasting a significant extension. Compared to the other, the design of Barakett is fairly straightforward: this is clearly not a flaw in itself, but it is a characteristic that will favor certain approaches to the battle, including, probably, the long-range weapons.

In the home stretch of arrival in the course of season 4 there is also a final map: this is Chesire Parkoriginal and designed to the standard mode. At the moment we do not yet know when this new field of battle will be made available, so we invite you to stay tuned on our page to be the first to know. We would have perhaps preferred the presence of an original map that is already in the opening of the season, but considering the large number of maps reached by the title, we cannot complain.

Battles old and new

From the roadmap of the Season 4 of Modern Warfare we could see some of the modes that arrive in the course of these months. Many of you already know from previous episodes: All or Nothing it is a mode introduced in Modern Warfare 3 and recovery from Endless Warfare, where the players are catapulted to the field of battle with an empty gun, a knife, a tactical and a throwing knife, along with a few perks. After the first kill, you have unlocked the perk “Scavenger”, which allows you to collect ammo from the bodies of enemies.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4: we are all the Price – Special

One in the Chamberinstead, it is a mode that dates back to the first Black Opsfrom premise rather simple. Each player is armed with a gun with only one shot in the barrel; enough of a hit to kill an enemy, but if you miss the target, our only chance is to use a melee weapon. Fortunately, a kill is to recover a bullet – enough to face the enemy the next. Clearly, the elimination of this mode is final, and the winning team is the last player left standing.

The last mode, Team Defender, has been present in only Modern Warfare 3, and is a variant of the classic “Capture the flag”. In this mode, the player who captures the flag should try to keep it as long as possible, while teammates must defend him. A nice variation on the theme, which will surely make the happiness of all those who had already enjoyed this mode on Modern Warfare 3.

At the time of writing this article, none of the modes listed is still available; however, they should soon enter into the game rotation, so be sure to log on often to check if there are news about it.

Also Warzonewe stress, will see the arrival of two new modes: this is Juggernaut Royale and Realism. In the first mode we will be able to find on the field of play suits that will enable us to become a Juggernaut, with all the advantages of the case: increased health, fall damage cancelled, and so on. When a player is eliminated or sent into the gulag, a new suit is located on the island.

The mode of Realism, however, reflects that present in the multiplayer classic: we will face the same type of game but the HUD is reduced and damage increased, to the delight of the purists. So, in terms of mode of irons in the fire for this season seems to be a lot of really. We are sorry not to see new and original for multiplayer classic, but there will be time to catch up with the next season. For now, we are here to say that Infinity Ward has scored another center with a Season 4 full of content that maintains the high quality of its Modern Warfare.

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