Crash Bandicoot, a puzzle reveals the new chapter?

For weeks (if not months) there are rumors about the return of Crash Bandicootthe beloved marsupial in the hands of Activision, and recently returned in the No Sane Trilogy and in the fun Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled.

A few days ago a new leak coming from merchandise licensed product PlayStation (in particular from the site of In, a european distributor in charge of delivery to the stores) had shown what seemed to be the new look of the mascot to orange.

Apparently, now, things are moving really. The preparation of GamesRadar he in fact showed the photo of a mysterious puzzle come into place. These, once completed, returns the image of a mask coming from the universe of Crashes.

Crash Bandicoot, a puzzle reveals the new chapter?

At the side of the puzzle, a post-it in orange with the written “Here’s a little help to pass the TIME – From your Bandicoot favorite”. In short, if two clues make a proof, we can say that in this case is really overwhelming.

It remains now to see when and how Activision will decide to unveil the new chapter of the saga Crash Bandicoot. Remember that the marsupial was born on the first PlayStation is just the protagonist of a mobile game released a few weeks ago. It is not clear if the new, mysterious chapter will be a game ex novo, centred on the mechanical platform of the old style, a new racing game, or maybe remake of Crash Bashthe party game of the series Crash produced by Eurocom and distributed in 2000 on the PSOne.

Definitely, and this is the only thing that is certain, this puzzle does is increase dramatically to the curiosity towards the return of the cute marsupial orange.

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