Dead Space, the whole saga for the special offer on Steam

The saga of Dead Space it is by now absent for several years, although the original trilogy has captured the attention of the lovers of horror sci-fi.

Now, via Steam, Electronic Arts has decided to offer the various chapters of the franchise at a discounted price, up to a maximum of 75%. A little further down, you’ll find the links to the respective product pages:

Dead Space – 75% 4,99 €

Dead Space 2 – 75% 4,99

Dead Space 3 – 50% 9,99 €

For those who want to get their hands on the trilogy complete, is also available Dead Space Collectionat a discounted price up to 71%, that is just a 14,22 €.


The first Dead Space (announced in 2007) became in a short time, a true cult classic: the oppressive and eerie atmosphere, the tension of some of the sections, the setting in the sci-fi extremely well-groomed and a rich audio literally scream, consecrated to the work of Visceral Games to be the true heir of the horror genre.

Dead Space 2the sequel is set three years after the original in the city, The Sprawl, carries once again Isaac in the nightmare of the necromorph outbreak. The title is not deviated particularly from the predecessor, offering a functional hybrid between shooter and survival horror classic. The third and currently the last chapter, Dead Space 3despite a few snagging strengthens a game system that was already good, offering many types of gaming experiences to a very wide public, thanks also to a plot, a technical sector at the top and the usual atmosphere of tension.

At the time of writing, EA has not yet decided whether the time is ripe for a fourth chapter of his official horror series set in space. The hope – our as that of thousands of players – is that perhaps even during the event EA Play Live 2020 tonight, at 01:00 on 19 June, the american giant could choose to make the announcement that fans have come to expect from time.

If you want to make a madness, and recover the first chapter of the series Dead Space at a price that is absolutely not prohibitive, you have to do is take advantage of this special offer!

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