Horizon: Forbidden West, new spectacular images

Horizon: Forbidden West it is one of the games that have hit the most during the presentation PS5 last week: the dystopian scenery, moving this time in the panorama of the west (hence the title) recall a fallen San Francisco, still recognizable, but devoured by the advanced pounding of nature.

The new journey of Aloy was shown with some spectacular images and, while in our preview, we have made the point about all the news that is already known about the work of Guerrilla Gamesjust today, the same Dutch team has published two new screenshots. In this we can see the scenarios in the flight, in addition to our protagonist in the sight of the new world that awaits you.

Propose them to you below in our news.

Forbidden West it is, in these hours, is also under the spotlight because it has been made officially known that debut in 2021 – and accompanying the news was the publication of the concept art that you see on the cover. We are waiting to find out further details, which we will refer, but now it is already been assured that will not have load times.

Please note that the game will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5, console that will be launched at the end of 2020.

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