Hazelight, the studio of eclectic writer and director Josef Fares, has announced its new game: It Takes Two.

As the acclaimed On The Way Outthe title will be published by software house independent Swedish together with Electronic Arts through the EA Originals.

It Takes Two is the new game from the creator of To the Way Out

In It Takes Twoplayers will control two dolls of a girl, who the island from the real world in which the parents fight continually and are going to divorzare.

As in On The Way Outthis will be a cooperative production in which two players will be called in to check the two dolls to fantastic worlds, described of course in a picturesque, from the Fares in the video presentation.

The title is output in 2021, but we have not announced the platforms on which it is intended.

It Takes Two will probably be one of the first games for next-gen next year-keep an eye on PS5 on Amazon in order not to let you escape, and find you unprepared for the output