The Last of Us – Part II: here comes the Funko Pop Ellie!

Fans who love to collect the Funko Pop! of their favorite characters will soon be able to further expand their collection. In the afternoon of today, in fact, the company has announced with a tweet (and then mysteriously deleted, but which you can see below the screenshot) the arrival of a new Pop! dedicated to Elliethe young protagonist of The Last of Us – Part II.

The Last of Us – Part II: here comes the Funko Pop Ellie!

The statuette, as it reveals the product page on retailers such as EB Games Canada, will be sold at a standard price (we are talking at $14.99 canadian) and should arrive on the market on the 2nd of August next.

For the rest, we see that the figure retains the same features of line Pop!: a pronounced head with huge black eyes, with Ellie that her face is dirty blood, and squeezes the hand of her trusty stiletto heel, while the right arm is showing off her tattoo.

The Last of Us – Part II: here comes the Funko Pop Ellie!

We are now waiting to find out if this release date will be confirmed also for the market of ours – and what will be the price, considering that usually the Pop! hover on something more than ten euro, at least in the case of standard parts, and is not limited. See, also, if Ellie will be joined by more characters that will complete the collection.

The Last of Us – Part II is a video game developed by Naughty Dog exclusive to the console PS4. In the role of Ellie, now nineteen, players will experience the result of the events of the original work output in 2013, ending up involved in a the “cycle of violence”, as he always referred to Neil Druckmann, who will be more of a question.

In our video review, Dominic decided he highlighted the importance of this title for the videogame as a medium that takes an important leap forward. The output is expected on 19 June.

Have you already taken advantage of the discount on the exclusive Steelbook of The Last of Us – Part IInow available at a special price?

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