Demon’s Souls Remake, a new image shows the Tower Knight Boss

Despite the trilogy Dark Souls it has been a success really noticeable in all the world, his predecessor Demon’s Soulsreleased originally only on Sony Playstation 3 in 2009, he was received rather lukewarm.

Recently Sony, on the occasion of its event dedicated to Playstation 5, has announced the remake of this famous title made by Bluepoint Gamesresponsible for the remake of the recent Shadow of the Colossusin collaboration with Japan Studio.

Like the original From the Software, it will be a PlayStation-exclusive, but for the moment we do not have a release date.

In the day today we propose a new image that portrays the majestic Tower Knight Boss and is indicative of the stylistic changes that have been made possible thanks to the new hardware available.

demon's souls remake for ps5

Remember that the title will also have a special “Fractured” Mode and that will allow you to choose between two graphics modes: a bet on the resolution and the other on the frame rate.

We now wait to find out, exactly, when we will be able to see it on next-gen consoles of the japanese company. In the meantime, please refer to our tab for any further detail on Demon’s Souls.

Source: Gaming Bolt

Waiting to find out more about the remake of Demon’s Souls, if you have not yet made it your own, you can buy the trilogy of Dark Souls at a special price!

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