FIFA 21: of pre-order digital already available on Amazon!

FIFA 21 it was one of the protagonists of EA Playthe conference of Electronic Arts held a little while ago and that has revealed some of the titles in the works for the publisher. The game of football simulation, which will come in the next 2 October, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated by fans: it is not surprising, then, that pre-orders have already been opened on Amazonat least for the editions digital title EA Sports.

On the pages of the reseller, you can now book the edition Xbox One the issue Origin for PC, each with different bonuses and FIFA Points. These last ones are of the digital credits that you can spend inside of FIFA Ultimate Team, the popular online multiplayer mode where you can build your ideal team and compete against other players. Using the FIFA Points so you can purchase virtual packages within which to find players of variable values, or to participate in the auction, on the transfer market to ensure samples of dreams.

FIFA 21: of pre-order digital already available on Amazon!

You can find the edition standardaccompanied by a variable amount of FIFA Points, with the price of pre-order that part from $ 59.99 u.s.. Are bookings open for the most valuable Champions Edition, which offers three days early access 12 packs Gold Rare for FIFA Ultimate Team (one per week for twelve weeks), of the special kits for your team, a player chosen by a FUT Ambassador and, among other bonuses, a athlete cover on loan for five games FUT. The price, in this case, a part from 79,99€.

Finally, the most valuable Ultimate Edition includes, in addition to the game and the different cuts of the FIFA Points and other bonuses already present in the Champions Edition, well 24 packs Gold Rare, two a week for twelve consecutive weeks. Reservations are already open to the starting price of 89,99€, which varies according to the FIFA Points that you will want to ensure right from day-one to build your team.

FIFA 21: of pre-order and digital available on Amazon

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